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Criminal Defense

If you or a loved one has been charged with committing a crime, we can help.  For more than 50 years, our firm has represented individuals and families in their times of need. While you retain a specific lawyer to handle your matter, you receive the benefit of the experience our team has developed over the years, whether your case is in the New Hampshire Circuit Court, the New Hampshire Supreme Court, the Federal District Court in Concord, or the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston.

Larry Vogelman is nationally recognized for his expertise in the defense of those charged with crimes.  He is the only northern New England fellow of the American Board of Criminal Lawyers.  With Larry and his defense team, you know that you will benefit from strategic, aggressive advocacy, respected by prosecutors and judges alike, whether you are charged with capital murder or a DUI.


Lawrence A. Vogelman

  • How much money can I expect to get when my case is over?

    First, you should run away from any lawyer who tries to answer this question before he or she has built your case into the best it can be.  No lawyer can, even after meeting with you for that free, initial consulation, tell how much your case is worth.  Yes, there are factors that drive most every case; how much are your medical bills or lost earnings, how bad are your injuries, did you require pyschological treatment and many others.  But, there is a lot more to determining the value of any legal claim. 

    There are two key factors many people overlook.  Nice plaintiffs, that is the people suing, can do better than others.  In fact, a nice plaintiff, someone a jury will like, can turn a bad case into a good one.  This is true in reverse.  A likeable defendant will result in a lower verdict.  As a well regarded New Hampshire Judge recently said, we can't determine the value until we "eyeball" the parties. 

    If you want a lawyer who will promise you a fortune to get your case, this firm isn't for you.  If you want lawyers with the experience and skill necessary to accurately "eyeball" the parties, including being honest about your jury appeal, contact us below.