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Civil Rights

One of the bedrock principles of our democracy is the notion that all of us are created equal.  We are all endowed by the national and state constitutions with certain inalienable rights, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  While we all recognize how important these words are, the only way to ensure that these principles retain vitality is to insist that federal, state and local governments respect them.  Often, the only way to do this is through a civil rights action.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, and related federal and state laws, provides the basis for identifying and enforcing these rights.  Whether the enforcement mechanism involves litigation in state or federal court, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights, the lawyers and staff at Nixon, Vogelman are ready to help.

Civil rights cases can be difficult. It is not easy to fight the government.  Fighting the government on behalf of ordinary citizens is what we do best.  Whether you were mistreated by the police, discriminated against based upon race, sexual orientation, gender, age or disability, we will be your voice.


Lawrence A. Vogelman

David Slawsky

Kirk C. Simoneau


I met Attorney Simoneau after being referred to his firm Nixon, Vogelman, Barry ,Slawsky & Simoneau from the Lawyers Referral Service. Mr.Simoneau was very knowledgeable regarding civil rights issues and provided me with the guidance to make an informed and educated decision to settle a case and put behind years of stress and more legal fees. I am happy to report that because of his integrity, good judgement and advice I was able to close the door behind years of stress and get on with my life, "For The Trials In Your Life" you want a friend like Kirk!

- Anonymous

This Thank You is long over-due.  Once we knew the case was done, we waited and waited for the final bill to arrive.  A couple of weeks ago, Bill decided to call and check on it so we could settle up and finally put this whole thing behind us.  To our pleasant surprise, Bill was told our account was clear.  Thank you!  We do not know why this whole event happened in the first place but we are most grateful for your help in walking us through the case, for your guidance, and for your generosity.  Thank you.

- Bill and Sue

  • How much money can I expect to get when my case is over?

    First, you should run away from any lawyer who tries to answer this question before he or she has built your case into the best it can be.  No lawyer can, even after meeting with you for that free, initial consulation, tell how much your case is worth.  Yes, there are factors that drive most every case; how much are your medical bills or lost earnings, how bad are your injuries, did you require pyschological treatment and many others.  But, there is a lot more to determining the value of any legal claim. 

    There are two key factors many people overlook.  Nice plaintiffs, that is the people suing, can do better than others.  In fact, a nice plaintiff, someone a jury will like, can turn a bad case into a good one.  This is true in reverse.  A likeable defendant will result in a lower verdict.  As a well regarded New Hampshire Judge recently said, we can't determine the value until we "eyeball" the parties. 

    If you want a lawyer who will promise you a fortune to get your case, this firm isn't for you.  If you want lawyers with the experience and skill necessary to accurately "eyeball" the parties, including being honest about your jury appeal, contact us below.