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Talk About Frivolous Law Suits!Talk About Frivolous Law Suits!

Talk About Frivolous Law Suits!

Kirk Simoneau


The other day, the news and made much about the case of a lady who was walking in a shopping mall, and texting at the same time!  This lady was so engrossed in the “virtual conversation” she was having, she tripped and fell into a water fountain, soaking and embarrassing herself, and making a strong statement about how stupid it is to walk (or drive!) while texting. The shopping mall released a video of this incident, and the foolishness has had millions of “hits”…

Our Clients Are Great People!!Our Clients Are Great People!!

Our Clients Are Great People!!

Kirk Simoneau


When people think of trial lawyers and their clients, they think of “ambulance chasers” and “greedy lawyers” trying to make money out of personal tragedies.  Thankfully, these stereotypes aren’t often true.

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