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Representing a Former PrincipalRepresenting a Former Principal

Representing a Former Principal

Kirk Simoneau

Firm Updates

Just a few weeks ago, our firm began representing a wrongfully fired principal from a local elementary school. Many of our readers may have heard about the incident, since it was a very public affair covered throughout the state by television, radio, and newspaper media outlets.

Essentially, the school district had turned this elementary school into an unofficial dumping ground for students who were emotionally needy and behaviorally challenged or disabled. This created problems within the school’s walls. While employed, our client struggled to ensure that the students received the education they needed, but the school was understaffed and therefore unsafe.

Our client was stabbed and on another occasion beaten, suffering a concussion. While she was trying to get the school district to act on this situation to ensure it wouldn’t happen again, the board fired her. The former principal is well-known in the area, and the firing soon became headline news.

Our client was distraught; not only had she lost her job, but the school district’s lawyer forbade coworkers to speak with her. She couldn’t build a defense, plus she had to get a permission slip to vote during primary season — the school is her polling place. The teachers at the school were told that if they continued speaking out on our client’s behalf, they could be fired too. It was shortly after our client was dismissed that Nixon Vogelman, Slawsky & Simoneau took up her case, filing a lawsuit against the school district.

The suit was only a few weeks old when, on Jan. 4, 2019, Kirk Simoneau learned that the superintendent had suddenly resigned. “Whether we win a million dollars or not,” Simoneau says, “something good is going to come of this. New leadership brings change, and hopefully with it a better chance for these kids to get the help they need and deserve.”

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