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Leslie Nixon: A $100K VictoryLeslie Nixon: A $100K Victory

Leslie Nixon: A $100K Victory

Kirk Simoneau

Firm Updates Lawsuit Information

Leslie Nixon recently won a case involving a family that was visiting New Hampshire to attend a wedding. The family was staying at a dog-friendly hotel, since they took their furry friend with them. However, they were unaware that there was a large pit near the hotel that lacked proper lighting and warnings to indicate its presence to the public.

One night right after the wedding, the mother of the family decided to take the dog out for a walk around the building. While she was out, her two daughters returned to the hotel but found the room empty. Wondering where their mother and their dog could be, one of them decided to look for her.

While wandering outside, she came across the pit, which she was unable to see, and fell into it. Later, the other daughter began to wonder what happened to her missing sister and mother. She went outside, intent on finding them both, and started her search. This daughter came across the pit and, remarkably, fell in it as well.

Now, here’s where the story becomes even more astonishing. At that point, their father came back to an empty hotel room and wondered where his wife, two daughters, and dog were. Determined to find them, he set out on a similar walk around the hotel, thinking they might all be walking the dog together. He, just like his two daughters, came across the pit and fell into it. His wife, who had managed to steer clear of the hole and was still walking the dog, received a worrying phone call from the rest of her family. Shortly afterward, she found them, and the three were helped out of the hole and taken to the hospital. Their injuries were treatable, but the three family members were hurt pretty badly.

When they tried to get compensation from the hotel to help with their medical bills, the insurance company only offered $5,000 total for all three of them. The family then turned to us, and Nixon took them to trial. We found that the hotel had been ordered by the fire department to cover the pit before this incident but had failed to do so. Nixon won the case, and the family was granted over $100,000, which helped them pay for their medical bills.

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