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Meet Debbie KantapinMeet Debbie Kantapin

Meet Debbie Kantapin

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When someone calls our office or comes through our doors, they have the pleasure to speak with our wonderful receptionist, Debbie Kantapin. Debbie has been with our office for a long time. “Believe it or not, I started in 1984,” she says. “I worked nights at that time because my children were toddlers. There were only five of us working in the office at night, but you would have been surprised by how much there was to do.”

Debbie first learned about our firm in a newspaper ad. “I was working for another attorney at the time and saw that they needed a few people for nights. I applied for the job, and when I was hired, I began working right away. I started working days in 1996, and even though it was different from what I was used to, I enjoyed it very much.”

Debbie is passionately dedicated to her career path.

“Back when I first started working with attorneys, I went to a secretarial school in Boston. At that time, those schools were pretty popular for a lot of people to go into, more so than today,” she says. “Their focus was on what you would do in a secretary position, and they had different categories, such as ... legal or medical secretary duties. I chose to follow the legal path, and that’s where I’ve been ever since.”

After leaving our offices for a short time, Debbie returned to us in 2010, filling many different positions. She refers to herself as a floater. “I usually do whatever someone needs or what they may not have time for. Someone might ask me to write up a medical summary for them, and I’m more than happy to do it. A lot of people might not like writing up summaries, but I really enjoy doing it.” Not only is Debbie eager to help with odds and ends, but she also enjoys working as our friendly and helpful receptionist, guiding our clients where they need to go.

Outside of the office, Debbie enjoys spending as much time as she can with her two grandchildren and her two Pomeranians. When she finds time for herself, Debbie enjoys sitting down to read a good book or watch a Patriots or Celtics game.

We’re so grateful to have Debbie on our staff. The next time you come into the office, her face will be the first one you see, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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