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Meet Our Legal Assistant Barbara WarrenMeet Our Legal Assistant Barbara Warren

Meet Our Legal Assistant Barbara Warren

Kirk Simoneau

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Barbara Warren has been in the legal field for many years, starting her work as a legal secretary in 1983.

Our firm was in its infancy when Barbara applied for a position here. “I knew a woman who was working with Dave Nixon who notified me that they were looking for someone. She wanted me to send in my resume. I did, and that’s where it all began.”

Barbara became Dave Nixon’s legal assistant in 1993 and came with him when the firm moved locations on Jan. 1, 1994. “I’ve always enjoyed working in an office atmosphere,” she explains. “And when you’re working in the legal field, you’re helping people, and that’s a plus. It makes you feel good that someone’s worries are gone and that you’ve helped them out in any way you can.”

Today, Barbara is kept busy as Dave Slawsky’s legal assistant. She focuses on keeping his cases moving and helping him in anything he needs. “Working here is amazing,” Barbara says. “I love it here. I’ve seen the firm go through a lot of changes, but it always seems to be for the better. We have an absolutely amazing staff where everyone gets along and is so willing to help out where they can. I’m fortunate — very fortunate — to work here.”

When she’s not in the office, Barbara enjoys an active lifestyle. “I’m a pretty active member at the YMCA and really enjoy swimming. I’m part of their 50-mile club and recently completed 1,100 miles in swimming.” Along with spending time at the Y, Barbara enjoys traveling. “Last year, I went to Scotland, and I’m planning to go back in 2019.”

Her three children are all grown and married, and Barbara couldn’t be prouder of them. “My daughters — Candace, who lives in Virginia and works under the Department of Commerce, and Angela, who lives in Goffstown and works with Fidelity Investments — have each been married for quite some time.” Barbara’s son married only a couple of months ago, on Oct.12. “My son Matthew, who is a Connecticut K9 State Trooper and is in the Search and Rescue division, married my daughter-in-law, Shannon, who is a municipal police officer and also a K9 unit. They had a beautiful wedding, and their dogs (Porter and Kendo) attended as part of the wedding party — both wore little bowties.”

Everyone at Nixon, Vogelman, Slawsky & Simoneau are pleased to have such a wonderful person on our team.

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