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Hearing from an Older Gentleman: What We're All AboutHearing from an Older Gentleman: What We're All About

Hearing from an Older Gentleman: What We're All About

Kirk Simoneau

Lawsuit Information Red Shoe Reader

Kirk Simoneau talks about an experience influenced by a successful case years prior.

I was at church a few weeks ago, as I usually am on Sundays, when something amazing happened. At the end of mass, I was approached by an older gentleman whom I’ve never met before.

He introduced himself as the grandfather of a client we had helped years before. He had been an insurance adjuster for 45 years and had gone through the paperwork that my team and I put together. He said that, while he was sorting through it all, never in all his 45 years as an insurance adjuster had he seen the demands we had laid out. “They were the best demands I ever saw,” he told me.

I remembered the case he was referring to. It was a rear-ended car crash case, and the main injury, inflicted on my client, was a broken leg. The leg itself healed without a problem, and she returned to her everyday life. But the expenses of the accident were pretty steep, and she needed compensation so she wouldn’t have to worry about being in debt.

My client was a minor, not even enrolled in college yet. She shouldn’t have to look into her future and see the expenses of this one bad moment on top of her college finances. We worked our tail off to give her the best representation we could and got $400,000 for her from that case. That one bad moment in her life, which turned into several bad months, would end up paying for her college and even a business if she decided to start one. It worked out well for her.

For me, the significant moment was when her grandfather came up to me and told me that it was the best he’d ever seen. We pride ourselves in the work we put into each case that comes through our doors — no exceptions! All the lawyers here at Nixon, Vogelman, Slawsky, & Simoneau put together the best cases we can to get the greatest results for our clients.

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