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Jill Davidson: Our Resident NurseJill Davidson: Our Resident Nurse

Jill Davidson: Our Resident Nurse

Kirk Simoneau

Firm Updates

Before starting at Nixon, Vogelman, Slawsky, and Simoneau, Jill Davidson was working three jobs. At first, she worked per diem, and she was seen in the office only once or twice during the month. Then in 2009, she took a part-time position and has been with us ever since. “I’m still working two other jobs,” Jill admits. “I work as a per diem supervisor at North Region Hospital, and I also work at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.”

On the days Jill is with us, she dives right into her work. “I do a lot of things around the office. I review the medical records for our clients and summarize medical records for all of our cases.” She also helps our attorneys understand the complex medical world they may face while in court. “I do a lot of prep work with attorneys when they have to go to court.”

Jill’s worked as a nurse for 40 years and handles all our medical records, even the staff’s. “I work for everyone here,” she says. “So everyone gets a piece of me, and everyone wants it yesterday.” When she’s not working in the office, she’s on call for medical issues that may arise in the office. “But I can do a lot of things from home,” she explains. “Most of it is research and writing. If something comes up and someone has a medical question, needs to talk to a doc, or they need a review, they’ll shoot me an email.”

Knowing that Jill is there to support them helps our attorneys greatly. Because Jill understands and speaks the medical language so well, she can get through any medically related paperwork faster than our attorneys. She finds the important information they need, and she can discover if anything is missing as well.

Relying on someone so knowledgeable in this field saves our attorneys’ time.

When Jill isn’t hard at work in the office, she enjoys sewing, quilting, and baking. “I always bake,” she states fondly. “I always bring something baked into the office when I come in. You can tell I’m here because there’s usually a basket of goodies sitting on the counter.”

We at Nixon, Vogelman, Slawsky, and Simoneau are proud to have such a diligent nurse and superb baker working with us.

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