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The $400K Broken LegThe $400K Broken Leg

The $400K Broken Leg

Kirk Simoneau

Lawsuit Information

Nothing’s worse than having an accident when you’re out trying to have a good time with your friends. This happened to one of our most recent clients. She was out at a “biker bar” having a good time and drinking with her friends when she ended up breaking her leg. As she was leaving, her heel got caught between two pieces of slate due to some missing grout. She fell and broke her leg.

We tried the case because it was a $2,500 offer, take it or leave it — no negotiation, nothing. The offer wasn’t as crazy as it sounds. My client admitted that she had been drinking and was also aware that the grout had been missing for a while. Even so, her medical bills were about $40,000, and this offer was going to end up costing my client money. She had missed weeks of work, owed money for her medical treatment, and hadn’t caught up on her bills.

The jury was awesome. Not only did they appreciate our honesty about the whole situation, but they really understood the whole fix. They connected to my client and saw that she was really a wonderful human being. She was open and truthful about what had happened that night. She explained that when she fell, she didn’t scream or start to cry. Instead, she cursed — loudly! That really spoke to them. It was a pretty realistic reaction.

The defense lawyer we were going against is the most experienced and, arguably, the most successful civil defense lawyer in New Hampshire. In the past 10 years, he’s tried more than 200 cases, and there’s only one verdict over $100,000 recorded against him — mine. Instead of taking the $2,500 offer, we left it; and at the end of the case, the verdict for my client was $400,000.

Remember, make the jury laugh and make them cry, and they will go with you anywhere, as long as you’re honest.

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