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Leah Corson: Our Assiduous College InternLeah Corson: Our Assiduous College Intern

Leah Corson: Our Assiduous College Intern

Kirk Simoneau

Firm Updates

This summer, we’ve had the pleasure of Leah Corson interning here at Nixon, Vogelman, Slawsky & Simoneau. Leah is a college student and has been such a tremendous help at the office that we wanted to feature her in our newsletter.

Leah learned about us through a series of connections. She attends Smith College, which is not only a partner of Nixon, Vogelman, Slawsky & Simoneau, but it’s also the same college Leslie Nixon went to. “My dad was a client here too,” she adds. “Dave Nixon took good care of him. So when I was looking for a place to intern, I asked my parents if they had any suggestions. My dad told me that I should contact the firm to see if they’d hireme as an intern.”

Beginning her internship at the start of summer, Leah has been an enormous help around the office. She’s eager to learn and doesn’t hesitate to jump in when she’s needed. Throughout the summer, she’s organized a lot of necessary paperwork for our cases. “I mostly scan a lot of old files,” Leah says. “Recently, I’ve helped file wills and organize medical lists for Leslie. Mostly, I’m doing a lot of office help where I’m needed.”

Leah doesn’t assist us with just paperwork though. “I’ve been exposed to different cases. I’ve been able to sit in mediations, which I’ve learned a lot from.” Whether it’s working around the office or getting a little more exposure to law, she’s enjoyed her time spent at our firm. “It’s super rewarding for me to understand the process behind everything everyone here at the office is doing.”

This fall, Leah will be heading back to school as a senior, which meansthe end of her internship with us. “My college is in Northampton, three hours away from Nixon and Vogelman,” she says. “This was just a summer internship for me, but I’ve really enjoyed my time here.” Leah plans to continue her studies during her final year at Smith College while indulging in what she loves best — skiing, hiking, and spending time with her cat, Asha.

We’re glad to have had someone as dedicated and diligent as Leah intern with us this summer, and we wish her the best of luck during her senior year!

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