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Talk About Frivolous Law Suits!Talk About Frivolous Law Suits!

Talk About Frivolous Law Suits!

Kirk Simoneau


The other day, the news and made much about the case of a lady who was walking in a shopping mall, and texting at the same time!  This lady was so engrossed in the “virtual conversation” she was having, she tripped and fell into a water fountain, soaking and embarrassing herself, and making a strong statement about how stupid it is to walk (or drive!) while texting.

The shopping mall released a video of this incident, and the foolishness has had millions of “hits” on YouTube, and lots of airtime on “Good Morning America,” etc.  This outraged the lady, so she sued the mall!  Talk about a “frivolous lawsuit!!?.”  No respectable New Hampshire law firm, especially this one, would give this “case” the “time of day.”  Such lawsuits not only demean the Law, but harm the chances of other, well-meaning folks for fair and proper justice.  At this time, when our courts are overloaded, backlogged, and the hard working court clerks, administrators and Judges striving to keep the “wheels of justice” turning, it’s nearly impossible to get in front of a judge when you have a meritorious case.  We citizens and trial lawyers, should be outraged that persons would file and any lawyer would take such a case.  Maybe it was dumb to post the video on YouTube, but, come on, lady, you are texting while walking, not paying attention, and you fell into a clearly visible water fountain.   That’s going to hit the airwaves, one way or the other.  Do what the Patriots should have done – PUNT!  But don’t call us.  Sorry about that. 

Thanks for reading this.


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