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Our Clients Are Great People!!Our Clients Are Great People!!

Our Clients Are Great People!!

Kirk Simoneau


When people think of trial lawyers and their clients, they think of “ambulance chasers” and “greedy lawyers” trying to make money out of personal tragedies.  Thankfully, these stereotypes aren’t often true.  Every lawyer gets to pick who his clients will be.  Oftentimes, we are fortunate and they are good folks.  Sometimes, we pick poorly, and our clients turn out to be “less-than-the best.”  Good lawyers, though, let bad clients go.  Good lawyers also honor, and work hard for, good clients.  We’d like to take a minute to honor a recent client of ours.  For reasons of confidentiality, we can’t go into the details; but a very nice woman, our client, was injured, through no fault of her own, by a very dangerous tripping hazard, a “curb stop,” at an elderly housing facility.  We resolved her case reasonably well; but it is her plan for her settlement money that we think might interest you.  She plans to donate her money, the money she received as compensation for her injuries, pain and suffering, and medical bills, back to the place that caused her injury, so that they can replace the tripping hazard (a type of parking curb), with newer, better, less dangerous upright ones.  She doesn’t want anyone else hurt as badly as she was.  Now, is that a “greedy plaintiff?”  She’s “greedy” to  help others!  Remember, not everyone is just “out for the buck.”  Also remember, good people make good clients; and good clients make good cases!  Thanks for reading this.  Your friends at Nixon, Vogelman, Barry, Slawsky & Simoneau, P.A. (“Good Lawyers”).

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